Why Rock Cleat?

The RockCleat-Flat™ and RockCleat-90™ from Innovative Construction Products, LTD provides two products that will help you do your job better while decreasing costs and increasing your profits.

The RockCleat™ Wall Board Fastening system is going to revolutionize the drywall installation industry by creating a new best practice for installers across the country. With a simple change in the accessories you use when hanging wallboard, you can greatly increase your profits by lowering your material, fastener and labor costs. The RockCleat™ is a simple wallboard fastening system that neatly fits on the end of each wallboard allowing them to join together with out the need of a stud to land on.  This will also help you to create better butt joints by eliminating the problems you face when landing on twisted or crowned studs.

Are you tired of running away from your work every time you miss stud or when you your studs aren’t square? No longer will that be an issue when you use RockCleat™. Everything you will need when using RockCleat™ is already in your bag.

By making a small change you can make a big difference in your profits.

Save money by….

  • Hanging full drywall boards.
  • Making fewer trips for special equipment and tools. All you will need for RockCleat™ is right in your tool belt already.
  • Creating less scrap on your job site. Hanging full sheets has never been this easy.
  • Decreasing the time it takes to complete your jobs.
  • Using less mud and tape.
  • Reducing call backs.
  • Using RockCleat™!!!!


Care to hear what some installers are saying about RockCleat™?  Check out our testimonial page.


Check out what the industry professionals are saying about RockCleat!
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