Where It Works

RockCleat™ was designed to help the drywall installer reduce the amount of time and material when hanging wall boards.  It wasn’t before too long that we started to realize that there is more than just one application for this valuable accessory.  Here are a few more.


This product is typically used for hanging full sheets of drywall board onto wall joist.  But how would you adjust for a change in the thickness of the wall board?  The RockCleat-Flat™ can accommodate the transition from a 1/2 Inch piece of drywall to a 5/8 Inch piece. Just flip over the RockCleat-Flat™ to expose the offset portion of the product.


Patch Work
Do you remember the last time you fixed a hole in some drywall? Of course you do because there just isn’t an easy way to do it. Prior to the this product, patch work involved a lot more than just a ruler, a RockCleat-Flat™, the drywall patch and some screws.  From this point forward, do service work with pride and with out wasting a day’s worth of work.  For a quick video on how easy this can be, check out our How It Works page.

Full Sheet Installation
On new construction, you have a blank canvas to work from when it comes to hanging drywall.  Unfortunately, the old mentality to hanging drywall will have you look at that canvas the same way to did last time and the time before that and the time before that.  You get the picture.  Now, with a little change and less work, you can efficiently hang full sheets of drywall.  Don’t bother measuring your sheets and cutting them to fall on your studs. That’s a waste of time when you use RockCleat™. The only sheet you will have to cut is your last one.  Don’t forget about the RockCleat™ – 90 for those corners.
Apply the same ideas that you learned from hanging drywall on your vertical walls with the RockCleat™ products to projects that involve hanging drywall on ceilings.  RockCleat™- Flat and the RockCleat™ – 90 will help you hang full sheets and bypass those poorly constructed studs.  Reduce your call backs by improving the quality of your work!


Missed Studs
Have you ever come up just shy of reaching the stud?  You wish you had a couple more inches of wall board to reach your final stud?  The RockCleat-90™ gives you another 1-1/2 inches of reach on either side of the stud.  Check out our installation video to see what we are talking about.


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