The best way to understand the advantages to using the RockCleat™ is to hear it straight from the installers mouth. Here are few words from those in the field using RockCleat™. 


Dave Sutt –

“RockCleat™ is a great product for drywall installers. I like it because it saves time, reduces scrap and it makes our finished product look better by creating better butt joints. I was a bit hesitant at first but once I got a hold of it, I instantly realized how easy it was to use.  It saves me a lot of time because you will always have improper frame work to deal with.  And it decreases the amount of scrap I produce which helps reduce clean up time and allows me to get the job done quicker. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who hangs drywall.”


Clayton Schly –

“I love RockCleat™! It has saved me a great deal of time on each of the jobs I use it on. We no longer have to plan the job to land on the studs.  We can use the RockCleat™ where the stud doesn’t hit the end of the wall board.  The best part is I keep coming up with new ways to use it, aside from just hanging full sheets of drywall board. I use it for corners and patch work quite a bit.  Every installer needs this product because it has changed the way I look at the job I have been doing for 20 plus years.”


Danny Pallone –

“I like the RockCleat™ because it’s innovative and it shows the inventor is a forward thinker. I find the flexibility of the RockCleat™ to be a great feature because I do a lot of curved walls. Aside from curved walls, I find it very useful as a back for hanging full sheets of drywall.  I think that I would recommend this product because I think the installer should about it and let them decide if it works for them.  I am sure it will.”


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