How It Works

The RockCleat™ is a simple solution to a dated problem. How do you optimally hang full sheets of drywall to help lower cost and make more profit? Take a look at our video to find out the secret we are dying to share!

How RockCleat™ Works

Let’s get down to the knitty gritty. Here’s how you are going to increase efficiencies when hanging drywall and use less material when you do it.

First of all, you don’t need any special tools to add to your belt. We know its heavy enough. Everything you need is there already. The RockCleat-Flat™ and the RockCleat-90™ are easy to cut with a knife or snips and will fit any drywall situation you encounter.


Installation Instructions:


Install your first full piece of wallboard by making sure it is fastened to the starting stud and every stud along the length of the board.  Next, screw the flat side of the RockCleat™ to the exposed edge of the wallboard with half of the RockCleat™ width extending beyond the edge. Attach the piece with screws every 8 inches. It doesn’t matter if the first wallboard is in between the studs. Lay your next piece of the wallboard on the protruded flat piece and screw the two together.

Continue laying the wallboard to the end.  If your end piece is too close to the stud use the RockCleat-90™.  It’s that SIMPLE!!

To increase the strength of the wallboard installation parallel sheets of wallboard may be staggered having fewer joints line up. The RockCleat™ manufactured at 54 inches long so that it will extend six inches past the edge of the wallboard which will allow it to be screwed into the parallel sheets and improve the overall strength of the joint. The only time you will need to cut a piece of drywall is when a full sheet of wallboard can not be used.


In instances when the drywall board doesn’t make it to the stud, the RockCleat-90™ can help.  This product can be used as a nailer for inside corners where the wall board falls just short of the stud or ceiling joist.

1/2 Inch to 5/8 Inch Wallboard Transitions

The back of the RockCleat is purposely offset to allow for a 5/8 inch sheet of drywall to join with a 1/2 inch piece.

Drywall Repair Work

What was previously a time consuming task can now be completed in a fraction of the time.  Our video below will show you, in just a couple steps, how easy it is to repair holes in your drywall. This is great for drywall installers, plumbers and restoration professionals who deal with patch work and refurbishing drywall that has been damaged or rotted out from flooding.


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