About Rock Cleat

Innovative Construction Products, LTD is an Akron, OH based company aimed at creating efficiencies in the drywall hanging industry through the use of simple and innovative products. Keep an eye out for new products as we comb the market for next drywall innovation!

The RockCleat™ was created out of a need to change the way drywall installation is performed.  Drywall installers have a long history of doing things the “old fashioned way” but we here at Innovative Construction Products, LTD strive to change that.  With the introduction of this new best practice, we hope to make the installer’s life a lot easier and their job a lot more profitable.


Mission Statement:

Innovative Construction Products, LTD is devoted to revolutionizing the drywall installation process.  Our mission is to provide innovative drywall installation tools and accessories that allow the contractor to reduce time and material spent per job while increasing the quality of the finished products.  We are motivated by the challenge of changing an industry wide habit which will have a greater effect on your bottom line than ours.

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