• Why Rock Cleat?

    RockCleat™ is a wallboard fastening system made to reduce the amount of time, waste, and material used. Take a look at the video to see for yourself.

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  • Reduce Scrap & Save Time

    Have you ever completed a job and were surprised at how much scrap is left over? Not any more...take the RockCleat™ Challenge and see how much time and material you will save.

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  • Contractors Agree

    Of course, we love our product. But so do the installers who use it. Listen to some contractors who have taken the RockCleat™ Challenge!

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Increase profits by using RockCleat!
  • How It Works

    The RockCleat™ is a simple solution to a dated problem. How do you hang wallboards more efficiently and cut costs? Take a look at our video to find out the secret we are dying to share!

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  • Where to Buy?

    If you are a drywall installer and are interested in taking the RockCleat™ Challenge, click on the link below to access our master distribution list. You will be able to find the closest dealer in your area. That means you are one step away from making for business more efficient and profitable.

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  • Become a Distributor

    Are you interested in how you can help RockCleat™ revolutionize the Drywall Industry? Give us a call and we can talk about what type of company we are looking to distribute our products.

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